Data Engineering, Design & Analytics
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Brewing up data goodness
We're a data engineering and design studio helping organizations build the modern data stack.

We lead with design and code for excellence.
Design Thinking
Your needs are unique. We lead with Design.

From data architecture to analytics & ML, we start with the end in mind.

We produce beauiful designs to align all stakeholders, prior to building.

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Coding for Excellence
Analytics requires a specific methodology so you can ship your your data-driven product to users.

We build the foundation, then run agile --producing working demos and collecting feedback until we hit the target.

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“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."
— John Johnson
Our passion data and analytics - our team has years of experience and the capabilities to implement all the key components in the modern data stack.
Data Pipelines & Streaming
Infrastructure & Automation
Analytics & ML
Our mission to help organizations evolve to the modern data stack. Data3.
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